thermal tickets
thermal tickets
thermal tickets

Custom Thermal Tickets Printing:  Cinema/Lottery/Entrance/Parking Tickets

We supply Custom Printed Thermal Tickets.

Paper GSM: 48-200GSM (48GSM, 55GSM, 60GSM, 65GSM, 80GSM, 180GSM)

Feature: Water Proof, Oil Proof, Anti Friction Thermal Paper

Thermal Tickets Application:

Cinema, Lottery, Parking System, Theaters.

We supply various types of Tickets. Here are some features:

  • Tearing Line
  • Black Mark
  • Fanfold Form
  • Roll Form
  • Full Colors Printing

Cinema/Entrance Ticket is usually thicker than normal retail receipts. The paperweight varies from 80gsm to 200gsm. Because it’s thick, it’s not easy to tear. So a tearing line is needed. For some tickets machine, a knife inside can help to cut the ticket. The black mark is here to instruct it’s the place to cut the ticket. This is why you will see tearing line and a black mark on a ticket.

For branding, thermal paper can be printed with customized information, such as promotion code, contact information, Mobile Application QR code.

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