Every time the baggage is checked, the flight attendant will carefully label the baggage with a long label and a sticker on the boarding pass. What is the role of these stickers?

In fact, the small label contains a lot of information, such as baggage check-in information, flight information, airport name, baggage weight, and bar QR code (bag code). Each baggage tag represents a baggage message and is a very important means of tracking the airport baggage identification system. Currently, airlines use the bar code labeling system to resolve passenger baggage.

Different countries have different labels on baggage, but the biggest difference is the form of the label. For many years, thermal paper-based labels are mainly used for checked baggage in most countries.  The label is based on thermal paper. It can print quickly from the printer. And no need for ink/ribbon to improve efficiency and cost.

As the development of the society, some airlines have adopted electronic labels.