thermal paper length

There are two ways to measure the paper roll size worldwide.

  1. Width x Diameter
  2. Width x Length

The first one is most for Asia, Europe, Africa,  South America, Oceania.
The second one is for US, Canada market and central America.

What’s the difference?

The thermal paper weight varies from 45gsm to 100gsm, even more. It’s a key factor to a paper roll.

With method 1) Width x Diameter,  the paper length differs largely according to paper weight. For popular size 80x80mm, the paper has 80 meters long with 55gsm, but 60 meters long with 65gsm. That’s why there’s much price difference for same size.

For the consumer, we would suggest longer paper for same size. The paper roll is not expensive. You are just paying for longer paper. And the longer the paper has, the less times they need to change the roll for the machine.