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Plain Thermal Paper Roll

Thermal paper is a special paper that is coated with chemicals which can react with heat with the print head to create the copy. Print cartridge and ink ribbon are not required. It is used in thermal printers and particularly in inexpensive or lightweight devices such as adding machines, cash registers, and credit card terminals. Due to its convenience, low noise and quick operation, thermal paper and printer take place of former dot matrix machine and bond paper. Now thermal paper is widely used for lotteries, restaurant receipts, supermarket receipts, bus tickets, cinema tickets, ATM bank receipts etc.

As a China thermal paper roll manufacturer, we do produce various sizes of roll(plain and printed) to adapt to oversea market. There are some common paper sizes suitable for many brands of thermal printers. The sizes are 80 x 80mm, 80 x 70mm, 79 x 60meters, 79 x 50meter, 57 x 60mm, 57 x 50mm, 57 x 40mm, 57 x 30mm, 110 x 50mm.  

Popular Paper GSM for retail POS solutions:
48GSM, 55GSM, 60GSM, 70GSM, ETC
Special Paper Weight for Tickets/Lottery/Boarding Pass:
80GSM to 200GSM