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September 2022

Thermal paper price still continues increasing due to many reasons. The crisis between Russia and Ukraine is causing cost increases in raw materials, logistics capacities and energy. This will affect a longer time. Paper pulp price also increased. There’s no sign that price can decrease in this year.

February 2021:

2020 is an extraordinary year. Now it is finally over. From beginning of 2021, thermal paper price is increasing month by month. According to the announcement for March, price has been increased by up to 15%.

March 2021:

It’s announced that the price will increase 10% again in April.


Since November of 2020, the prices of softwood pulp and hardwood pulp have shown an upward trend, and international wood pulp manufacturers continue to increase their prices substantially.

In terms of transportation, due to the impact of COVID-19, the outflow of containers cannot be returned, which has led to the current tight supply of containers, rising prices, and greatly increasing the cost of maritime transportation.

Another reason: After the outbreak of the epidemic, countries have adopted quantitative easing economic stimulus policies and continued to print more money. If the amount of currency actually issued exceeds the actual value of the commodity, it will cause inflation (currency depreciation and price increase). Invisible, the price of commodities rises, and the value of currency falls. The over-issued currency of central banks will inevitably lead to an increase in raw material prices. Since it takes a certain amount of time for the super-issued currency to circulate to the market and reach the terminal, the price of raw materials only began to rise in the second half of last year, and the price of terminal commodities did not start to rise until the end of the year. This is due to the timeliness of price transmission.

March 2020:

During the COVID-19 outbreak, China locked down cities and countryside to curb the spread of virus. As the epidemic situation improves, enterprises have resumed work and production while ensuring the health and safety of employees. And now the virus has been put under control.

Our company has resumed work since Feb 10, 2020. The thermal paper material is in adequate supply. The logistics companies are delivering normally. Please contact us to prepare your stock.

February 2020:

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Global Thermal Paper Coaters Announce Thermal Paper Price Increases
February 3, 2020

The world’s leading suppliers of thermal paper have all announced price increases. South Korea’s Hansol Paper, Germany’s Koehler Paper Group, Spain’s Lecta, and America’s Appvion have all announced a 8-10% price increase. The increase is being attributed to increased freight costs, tariffs, raw material costs and other inflationary factors.

Listed below are the announced thermal paper price increases and effective dates.

October 2019:

Now the leuco dye supply is stable. Thermal paper can be supplied in sufficient quantities according to customer needs.

March 2019:

The shortage of thermal paper has been alleviated. Due to the pressure of environmental policy, the cost of chemical material, the price has not changed. And it’s still increasing bit by bit.


To protect our environment, China government shut down Connect Chemicals in 2017. It is the world’s largest supplier of leuco dye chemical to produce thermal paper. The shortage of leuco dye leads to global thermal paper shortage and giant price increase at the same time. Till now we are still experiencing paper price increase in 2017 and 2018. It’s very hard to stock enough paper material and the market shows the strong unwillingness to increase the price. It’s hard for business.

What will happen in 2019? Will thermal paper price increase continue in 2019?

As the price trend, we can see the price increase hasn’t stopped now. Just see the announcements from major paper mills in the fourth quarter in 2018.

Appvion October 2018 price increase letter
Koehler October 2018 price increase letter
Mitsubishi October 2018 price increase letter
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