This article shows why and how to print QR code on thermal paper receipts for retail store owner, vendors, and thermal paper distributors.


QR code is easy, popular and efficient. It’s everywhere right now. You can see it on magazines, books, TV shows, websites, booklets, mobile phones. You sure also saw it on thermal paper receipts. Everyone with a smart phone can scan it immediately.

What does QR code consist of?

The QR Code can be generated by URL, Vcard, Text, Email, SMS, Facebook, PDF, Mp3, App stores, Images or Multi URL. It’ a multi media to show anything you want to your customers for further communication and of course sales. When your customer scans it, it may link to a review, new products, website, sharing on social media, etc. Aren’t they cool?

How to make a QR code?

You can get a QR code easily from QR code generator (like or others, just search “QR code generator” on Remark: make sure your QR code is large enough for proper scanning. It’s better at least 3x3cm.

How to print QR code on thermal paper receipts to improve your business?

It’s time to catch up right now. There are two methods to print QR code on thermal paper receipts.

  • On front Thermal Side of Paper

In this way, you can print QR code on each receipt. If you are retailer or anyone has a POS to print receipts, you can add your QR code on your default printer format. If you have problem with this, just talk with your POS system supporter. They’d love to help. So each time you print a customer receipt, it will be a QR code below the sales information.

  • On Back Side of Paper with Full-Color Print

You can also choose to print QR codes on back side of paper. Normally QR code is in black color. You can make it colorful.  It’s easy for thermal paper factory to print this. What’s more, we can also print other details about your business like your business name, logo and promotions. In this way, customers can receive your information directly.