As the decreasing profit of thermal receipt paper and the shrinking market, it’s hard to do the paper business now.

How to make your receipt paper more valuable and stand out from the numerous thermal paper supplier? The answer is custom printed thermal receipt paper.

It can be colored paper. Compared with white receipt paper that customers get from most supermarkets, the colored receipt is more eye-catching. It would be blue, pink, yellow, green.  People like things different.

Beside the colored thermal paper, it can be colorful advertisement on front or back of paper. It’s time to promote your business with lower cost. It can be advertisement, promotion code, website, telephone number. Customer get your ideas on the receipt. And it’s low cost. Take thermal roll 80×80 for an example, it may creates 300 receipts by one roll. You may spend only 0.1$ on the roll, but you get 300+ free audience.

Let the receipt paper dance.